Amarillo Morning

Arranging my art room has been so much fun for so many years. The final “seam” always lacked closure for completion. Week before last I was looking in a Stampington art studio magazine at a paper lovers art room studio. I loved her style and shelves for her art supplies. Very much like mine but also the group of shelves on her art table were so cool. Last Sunday I walked into a thrift store after church and someone had just brought in two small wall shelves. They had not even priced them. I bought both. The clerk made the comment, last one in, first one out…they are now on the wall above my art table and they finished the final seam.

This January Saturday morning is filled with soft yellow sunlight, the color of Amarillo yellow. Such a beautiful place to live and exist. My favorite things this morning…my art room, quietness, peace, sunlight, the color yellow against a blue sky and my precious sweet husband. Thanking my Lord and Savior for life and this morning being filled with Amarillo sunlight.

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