This Day

The Dr. finished 2nd Peter this am.   Treasure of a sermon!!!!!!!!!   Finished up in town took off and rode with Cody and Erica. Listened to Joe Satriani on the way up. Stopped at Three Forks 4 lunch.  Got to Zachs and saw GIANT pumpkins and went to party at hotel for swimming, cakes and presents. Back to Z And A’s for Pizza, Codys hair cut and then heading home again. On the way home Cody put in Chris Rice’s Cd  Peace Like A River.  Beautiful.  Joe S’s music was good guitar music, Chris Rice’s music was total joy and made me think about the Dr’s sermon and the hope we have 4 what is coming.  Cody sent the cd home with me. Going to listen to it tomorrow.   I hate the sorrow in Liz and Keelee’s eyes. no joy, such sadness. Oh to have the power to change life for them and bring joy into their eyes.   Will write more tomorrow.  Goodnight. xoxoxo

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