A good day to hear, listen and LOVE. XOXOXO

I usually wake up by 4:00 am but this morning I did not have to get up to go anywhere so I wrapped my arm around  Ed,  soaked up his 98.6 body heat and went back to sleep. The second time thunder woke me up.  I love the sound of thunder, lighting, lion’s roaring, and crashing waves on the beach.  Have not heard a lion’s roar or waves crashing in some time but  we  hear the mountain music of thunder and lightening regularly and it is  new every time.  Love it love it love it.

  I cleaned out my closet this am. Was going to photograph what I wear each day and then what I had not worn in time I would discard. So don’t have the time to take a pic of my clothes lol so I went through it all and have a folded pile of stuff I have not worn to give to my daughter-in-law. Feels so good to let that stuff go. I don’t have the time or mental energy to deal with so many cloths. When I bought the red-n-white check shirt 4 Ed I remembered how few clothes I use to have. I loved the simplicity of it and want to go back to that. I have read about women who only have just what they wear and nothing more. I got rid of lots today and am not going to collect anymore. I love simple. Since I got the bike and the pictures I have stopped, stopping by, or even going, to the thrift store. The bike and pictures made it complete the feeling that I was looking 4 something. I love staying home and not running around on my days off. Also, I deep cleaned the  refrigerater this am, got laundry done and tidied up around our abode.    The rain was washing the outdoors while I was washing the indoors and His blood was and is keeping me clean inside.  I love all things being clean. 

Finally found and saved to favorites on the computor the place where I can get the Drs. sermons.  At church I get to listening and realize I did not write down the answer in the notes and like to go back and get them plus it is impossible to write down all the scriptures he gives so I can go back and get them and look them all up and read, copy and meditate on the goodness of it all.

  Tonight we r going to Grace with the girls and both Karen and Cole said they want to come to see the Moody Science experiments.  FUN stuff to watch.  

  Last night the sunset and light colors were amazingly beautiful.    The calm b4 the storm. Lots of rain today.  More stuff to do so getting back to it b4 tonight. 

  Also attempting to learn Spanish.  Zach gave me the stuff to do so.  I need to ride my indoor bike daily as it keeps my hips and low back loosened and UN-stiff.  It is not the most exciting adventure, riding an indoor bike, so going to listen to the Spanish lessons while I ride. Perfect combo.  

  Also, have been told about a  job 4 Ed. The guy who told him is keeping him informed. If it is ligit, Ed will go in for the drug testing, back ground check and then there is up to 3 months training b4 going on his own.  No sales. He can work 5 to 7 days a week as much as he wants.  They need guys in Bozeman and Butte so 4 now we would stay here.  Eventually we want to move to Butte.  It reminds us of San Fransico a hundred years ago and the country around is public land like Nevada and open and free.  Ed loves it and wants to move there. I really like it.   We will see what the future holds.  It is good to have real hope for eternity and it is good to have hope that is not guaranteed  but a good possibility.



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