A  beautiful French lady, Joyce A. shops where I work.  She went back to France a couple of years ago and told me it will be the last time she goes as it is to hard on her at her age.  She would come through my line on Fridays  b-4 meeting with her girlfriends to go out to lunch at their favorite restaurant    She claims to be a believer and told me where she goes to church.  I told her where I go to church and she said, “I like Bryan but he is to fundamental/conservative 4 me”.  I told her I love his teaching and  that it literally changed my life to a great degree.   That conversation we had stands out to me so much because after hearing Bryan teach I can’t imagine going anywhere else and am always quietly amazed that people leave after hearing him  speak.  BUT, anyway, For all the conversations we have had Joyce keeps aging and told me she has to move into an assisted living home.  She finally did and today she came thorough my line with her assistant.  She was a bit down. I asked how she was doing in her new home and she said the food is just ok. She loves to eat healthy and cook and all that has changed.   Her eyes were sad and down, not excited and anticipating getting together with her friends 4 lunch like it use to be.   I asked her if she can have flowers in her new place. She looked at me and said, “Oh YES!”    I said “just a minute” and walked over to the counter at 9 and grabbed my BEAUTIFUL fresh cut flowers that had been given to me only a half hour b-4  and gave them to her.  Her eyes took on depth, hope and total gladness. she held the vase to her chest and put her arm around me and said.  “Oh!  this is a total encouragment. Thank You!”  I smiled and said I would see her soon.  B4 she moved into her assisted living she gave me the name and address so we can get together  4 tea. I am going to go once a week and find out what she loves and cook and bring flowers and spend time with her.  I love that lady!  

   Earlier b 4 Joyce came in today, Kathleen told me that Jamie F., who shops where we work, called and was worried her flower gardens were going to freeze and she did not want them to die that way so she was cutting her flowers and making bouquets in vases for each of us.   I have NEVER seen many of these flowers.  I foolishly left my camera home today thinking, I won’t take any pictures today.  I could have had thee MOST amazing flower pictures.  When I came back n from lunch these perfect huge bouquets of flowers were there 4 us to pick from.  I waited till everyone picked what they wanted and there were three left.  One, I loved all the colors in, of those three that were left,  became mine.   Soon after Joyce came in and as we talked and I saw her down hearted countenance I knew who God really ment those flowers 2 b 4.  Gods love and kindness 4 Joyce and having Jamie F. bring flowers  today right after Joyce got moved into her new place made my heart thankful for such a KIND Father.   I am going to take pictures of Joyce when we get together to post on my blog so I can remember her 4 a long time.   

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