Sunday morning

Asked Ed last night if the Dr, is preaching this am and he found his sermons for today. I read part of the one on sanctification last night but was to tired to finish.  The only thing I know about sanctification is the part I LOVE and that is that HE does not leave us unchanged no matter how much pain there is in the change.  One of my fav parts of being a Christian, is getting to be remade into  a revised un-standard version.

  In reading W.M. this last week I felt like I was reading about myself literally.  He wrote about the people God came to save.  The lost the sick the broken sinful….me me me me. I use to be ashamed of my past and thought why would He want me, a worthless piece of trash and then the reality that that is exactly the kind of people he came to save not the perfect, beautiful, got it all together, healthy and well.   If being broken qualifys one 4 being in the position to realize ones desperate need for salvation I qualify totally and completely.  Sanctification, for the little I understand about it, is wonderful.  Looking forward to hearing about it this am.

  Jamie F brought in more flowers 4 the girls who were not there on Thursday.  I brought my camera just-n-case and my kind boss let me take the flowers outside and photograph for memory sake.  Was told these large flowers are called Dahlia.   What a memory finding that out brought back.  Back in 1975, b4 the wreck, Theresa and I and some guys went to San Fransico 4 a week for some conference our parents wanted us to go to.  I remember moments from that week.  One was  a night when the guys who liked Theresa and I came over to the house where we were staying and we went downstairs and watched a movie called “The Black Dahlia”  I remember Doug, who told me were ment to be together forever and I was afraid of his intensity and obsession with me until the movie got going and then the true story was so scary I was half glad those guys were there to protect us from who ever was running around San Fransico and had killed this girl in the movie. LOL    It wasn’t funny back then but looking back now I can smile and be so thankful life is now and not then and all that has happened since then is behind me and what ever is coming is in Gods control and He will use it for my continued sanctification.  What mercy and kindness. 

  I do wonder if our positional sanctification is because God being  the pure and holy  one and only God that He is, cannot look at sin etc so He positionally makes us sanctified so He can look at us and then spends the life time He alots us to make us literally sanctified.  Don’t know but I care and wonder just the same and I do love looking back and seeing the change in my life and actions and thoughts.  I remember when it would take a year b4 I would see one change and now I can look back and see change weekly.  How much of sanctification is because we understand truth and truth sets us free from old sinful habits?????   I am not going to read the sermon again until after I hear the Dr. teach it this am.   I love Sundays.   Going to go curl back up in bed and wait 4 the sun to come up. XOXOXO

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