Sunday September 22, 2013

Yesterday was a good day.   The Drs. sermon was life changing truth.  This last week I realized my broken sinful past was why I qualifed to be saved from reading WM’d devotional on September 19th and then yesterday the clear reality from the Dr. when he said emphatically to forget the past.  Freedom.   So here I am writing about yesterday. lol but to tired last night to write about it so doing it today.  After church C & E came out and while dinner was cooking Cody wanted to pick what apples were left on the apple tree. The north side of the tree stilled had some apples not destroyed by the storm early on this summer.  Cody, Ed and Jerry picked enough apples and together we cut them up 4 cooking .  The whole house smelled like apple cinnimin butter.  The  aroma was a perfect fall day.  After Sunday dinner Cody, Erica, Ed and I went for a drive on the back country road where Cody and Ben use to ride their bikes growing up.  BEAUTIFUL back country.  Ted Turners land was to the south and the north side belonged to I don’t know who but we had it all to ourselves for several hours. Cody proposed to Erica out here and showed us the place where he asked her to marry him. 🙂   Cody and Erica rode there bikes for a good distance.  Erica got back in the 4-runner but Cody rode the entire distance up and down.  I took pictures and posted on here last night. The computor dated it as today the 23rd but all the previous pictures r actually from the 22nd.   I love Sunday’s.  Cody and Erica come out and do laundry and Sunday dinner together with us.  It is always a good day.  We all commented on how GOOD the Drs. sermon was. 

Beautiful fall day. Heading to town to get Keelee for the day and then back again this afternoon to pick up Lizzie from school. 

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