Fast day at work today with it being busy.   Launi  D. a licensed nutritionalist came in today. I have known her for years and trust her advice. I asked her about what I have been focusing on looking for nutritional ways to stop the pain in my bones etc.  She told me to use Hyaluranic Acid.  She said that Glucosimine and Condroiton need an enzyme that not everyone has enough of in their body already and if not then the body cannot utilize either or and it is a waste, where as Hyaluronic Acid goes immediately to the joints and works everytime.  Told Ed on my lunch hour and we are both going to get some and start taking it.   She also told me to follow the “Eat right for your blood type” diet.  I had been told it was bogus and she said it is completely legit so going to follow it. She said to follow it for seven days and see what a difference it makes in my back and bones.  she said after 7 days just eat all the stuff you should NOT eat for one day and see the pain come back to see how legit it is.  I am going to find the book on Monday at the library , check it out and follow the diet for one week like Launi says.  How simple if my pain can be erased by diet and no more accupuncture etc etc.  

  I was not going to write about it on my blog because I want relief so much, permanently and I want this blog to be good stuff.  If it is my lot in life to hurt then so be it, but if it is not and simply changing my diet up will stop the pain how simple that will be.  Going to find out this next week.

  I woke up this morning so early because we went to bed SO early. LOL  hello….. but the words to the song,  arms of love was going through my mind, I don’t know if we sing it at Grace but we use to sing it as CC.   I have been thinking about the picture  I found of my childhood family and I remember whose home that picture was taken in.  I don’t remember the actual picture being taken but I remember that house and the man who took the picture.  He loved to take pictures and because our families spent so much time together he often took pictures of us.  I want to delete it because I get to forget the past but I am going to leave it on here because it is a reminder of the total  lie and hell our family was .  My life is the opposite now of what it was then.   But when I woke up this morning the lyrics to the line of that song, “there’s no where else I’d rather be, than in your arms of love”….  anyway I thought about the arms and hands of every person who has ever lived and what they use their arms and hands for.  I thought about how Eds hands have never hurt me.  Last night when I went outside to take pictures I asked Ed if he would come with me.  After I was done taking the pictures I did a sideways hug and he stopped walking and wrapped both his arms around me and kissed me.  His loving kindness never ends…it’s an always THING.  I thought about  the preacher being held in the prison in Iran where the guards use their hands and arms to torture the prisoners.  I thought about so much bad and the people who will answer to God for using their hands and arms to hurt and destroy, from cruel parents to  abortion Drs etc etc. And then I thought about  how Jesus Christ  used his hands and arms to hang on the cross and set us all free for ever from all this evil down here.  I  want my hands and arms to be gentle, kind, safe, loving, helping, healing.    Like that cool cool fun truth, “You can never use up all your fun”  I never want to use up all the  love and kindness my hands and arms can give in love and comfort.  I want whoever I hug in my family to feel safe and loved  when they think of or feel my hands and arms.   How wonderfu it is both to love and be loved. It is complete that way.  

I am looking forward to this next week.  I cchanged my diet trying to get pain relief this last week.  I have had a degree of relief. How much more if this other way works.  If not, the one good thing is it keeps me focused on remembering the cross.   It also keeps me from being lazy and getting fat because I have to work out to not hurt as much as I would if I did not.  If the diet does not work I will go get accupuncture.  I HATE going to any kind of Dr. and I hate all that is involved, but since I cannot function and think when my pain gets to much then the lesser of  the two is to go get fixed 4 another 6 months.  But if it works then I am never going to write about pain again.  Just FUN stuff since there is more fun than I can ever use up. 🙂 

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