The Dr. said in his prayer today that we would be a fool to think we could understand what Jesus went through on the cross and being separated from His Father.  God asks us to remember what He did.  I remember mostly when I hurt.  I am not comparing my discomfort to His agony what so ever, it is just the way to get my mind off my discomfort and focus on His physical and emotional pain. But next time I hurt enough that I need to think about something else to get through it I am not going to think about His pain since I have never been able to imagine it, nor does He expect me to.  Just believe and remember.

I am not discounting those who are imprisoned and suffering because they won’t deny Him. I think of the post up on the screen in church this am of the people in one prison where the temperatures get up to 120 degrees not to mention all the physical suffering they endure with that also. He does expect us to be faithful all the way to death, not loving what is not ours to keep but loving what will be ours for eternity.
Reminds me of the Moody Science guy that was here a couple of weeks ago, and that what matters is the invisible. Amazing amazing, amazing. I use to think I was not worthy enough to be included in His Salvation and then I realized my unworthyness is why He offers salvation. Thats why it is mercy and grace. So forever thankful for my reality based on His Truth. So thankful for the Drs. teaching and knowing how to think about life now and for eternity.

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