You can never use up all your FUN!

What a FUN FUN day this was.  Cody and Erica came out and after dinner they had to study.  Cody in the middle of studying turned on you tube, a Norwegian band performing “What Does A FOX Say?”  LOL LOL LOL  All people should see that just for the fun of it.  All Day Cody would sing out that question and Erica would sing back the answer.  Those two make life-Fun!   Erica and Jerry played chess, Cody introduced us to Wintley Phipps.  Thee most perfect voice in a mans baugh-D   Stunning voice!!!  Cody played some Willie Nelson, Joe Satriani and finished with Chris Rice.   MUSIC SOUNDS AS  BEAUTIFUL AS BEING IN LOVE FEELS.  AMAZING BEYOND WORDS! Before the music started we were all being quiet so Cody and Erica could study and I read Col 2:13-14 and cried knowing the reality that I am one of those whose trespasses are forgiven.  Amazing.   Truth, Family, Fun and Perfect music.   love love love Sundays.  🙂 

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