Now and Not then!

  Have not been able to get on my blog.  My son Cody is here today and I asked him to see if he could figure it out.  He could not get on so went to a different browser (which I never thought of) and got right on.  

  So much has happened since I was last on here.  I have been set free from the pain I have had from a car wreck just by changing my diet.  Have not had nausea, pain etc for the last month.  I can pick up heavy stuff and tho my back goes out my muscle don’t spasm and tighten up.  I can sit for long periods of time, I can curl my legs up and read and when I get up I am NOT stiff.  So simple.  to long to write about.  Staying within the boundaries of the foods that are beneficial for type O’s I am slowly coming up with good recipes and yummy foods that taste good and make me feel alive and strong and so so so good inside.   SOOOO thankful!  

   Our son-in-law and daughter were offered some land.  Put their house up for sale.  THEN found out Lane needed a pace maker.   All that has happened has been perfect timing.  God has orchestrated all of this. Their home sold the day Lane had his surgery.  Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Billings and two big strong friends of theirs and Lee and Jeannie and Ed and I  finished moving them out and cleaning for the new owners.  We were done at 5:00 pm and headed home by 5:25 pm.  This morning in Gap  Lane, Rosey and Christie were unloading the horse trailers and men at the shop saw them and within a short time many strong men converged on the site and unloaded all there furniture etc. Christie called in tears of thankfulness and relief and said, “It’s all done Mom”,  and told me how they all came to help.   So THANKFUL God cares about every detail of our lives.  

 I went to church this am.  The  Dr. is back.  His sermon was amazing again.   I use to be ashamed that I am only a servant.  Then I learned we are all servants.  Today I understood that we don’t even deserve to be HIS servants.  It is His mercy, grace an love that gives us the right to be His servants.  Not because we deserve it but because He allows it.  Amazing LOVE.  

  My brother Ed came through this week.  Had a conversation about forgiveness.  To long a story but it centered on our biological father and the verse in Matthew in the Lords Prayer that says, forgive us our debt as we forgive our debtors.   Again to long a story but we talked about  a cd Steve Walker gave us that none of us wanted.  It was a recording of the Sunday after Dave Skillin had died and Eugene Peterson preached the sermon.  After Ed and I talked, I decided to listen to it.  It was like it was yesterday  and I could say my Fathers words along with him and knew what he was going to say in the introduction ect ect.   I called Phillip and told him I listened to it and told him the relief kept washing over me that we were not kids anymore and it is now and not then.  He said, “NO KIDDING NADINE!!!!!!!!!”   That hell is gone and over.  I went to church this morning and though I looked like I was just sitting there like everyone else I was soaking up the waves of relief that it is now  Montana and not California. I soaked up  Pastor Jeremy’s worship and The Drs. real preaching-teaching and there are not words to describe the Heaven of  being here and now and not the hell of being  back then.  Talking to Ed Shively, I got tears in my eyes only for a short time and then let it go and gave thanks for here and now.  How much I love my brothers.  Phil is like Cody and chose from early on to live for God.  Ed S. has completely changed in the last several years and grown in truth, wisdom and obedience.   All three of my brothers are saved and we will spend eternity together forever.

  Ed went hunting last week and got a young cow elk.  Cody sold his Audi Quatro FINALLY. Yeah its gone LOL  

  Cody and Erica  are here on Sundays and it is such good times.    Going to post some pictures.   Thankful!  Priceless what we have in Jesus Christ!


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