I love writing about what I am meditating on as it makes it go deep inside me and I think only about what I am writing instead of my mind wandering here and there.  My writing goal for 2014 is to improve my writing skills.  I prefer a picture over a thousand words but some things must be written to get the picture.  Wednesday mornings, Ed and I have a quiet time where we do not have to go any where, and no one is coming over. We did our coffee-date-minus the coffee. He drinks green tea and I have Mocha Mint Yerba Mate.  I was so inspired this morning out of thankfulness on so many levels!  I posted some of my lettering writing as it is very simple and I want to improve it with meditation.  I was so inspired this morning by my Artful Journaling  Magazine and the article by Valerie Sjodin.  She uses moleskin journals to give her the grid for uniformity. I have always just used a blank sheet and therefore it is more random.  I am going to start with a moleskin and add art to my writing as I meditate on the truth of Gods word and Life.  

 I talked to my daughter this mornig who is very encouraged about life.  When our kids come to visit for Thanksgiving we are giving them our bedroom. Our bed could not be any more comfortable in any way.   Our bedroom and bathroom make for the perfect “hotel” retreat.

 I received two text messages from two girlfriends, last night,  both going through very difficult times.  I sent them my love and told them I am praying for them both.  Realized my life is so blessed with quietness and love and hope.  


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