Simple Farm House Kitchen Table

Years ago a friend gave me this table from a farm house she had to clean out. I LOVED IT. Oblong-square and solid wood. Years later my mother-in-law gave my husband their family oak dining table. My husband loved that table and all the memories he has from family times. I replaced this table with his oval oak table. When our son and his wife bought a home I gave them this oblong wood table and my daughter-in-law painted it french blue. Then a few years later they built a kitchen bar and did not need this table any more. I asked if I could buy it back to help them with the expense of the wood for building their kitchen bar. I gave the chairs to my daughter Karen for her place with my then glass art table and kept this table, the one I LOVE. 🙂 I love square and not round. Lane and Christie gave me their ceramic tile-wood kitchen table and chairs as they want a different one for their new place. Yesterday I bought stripper and brushed it on the blue paint to strip it back to the natural wood color.
Cody and Erica rearranged their place after I gave them one of my oak benches. Erica has a square antique kitchen table from her grandmothers home originally from Germany. I love how she put it against the wall instead of out in the middle of the room. I copied the idea and put the oblong tile table against the window wall and then the blue oblong soon to be natural wood again, next to it. I LOVE THE WHOLE LOOK. ED LOVES IT. He said, “I LIKE THIS!!!!” It squares our home instead of it looking like a big open long space. Going to strip this table down and take pics when it is said and done. My home is delightfully shabby chic from years of collecting here and there and it feels so so good and down right homey in all it’s simplicity.

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