Carole and I had such a great time together yesterday.  We went to Love Inc first and the two ladies who were suppose to be there were able to be there this time so we were not needed and therefore were able to leave early.  We went to a new thrift store yesterday called Grandma” closet. The girl that owns it, Patina, was an utter delight to meet and get to know.  We had so much fun looking through all her stuff, especially the books and housewares. I bought a book, Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus.  I also bought one beautiful small plate, a Pfaltzgraff. I will photograph it in daylight this coming week and post on here.  It has darker blue delicate leaves on a softer blue background around a scalloped edge with a pale pale blue little trim with a white center.  Perfect to set on my art table to hold whatever in.  It was half price   25 cents.   Carole bought four small plates with a different design each to put above her kitchen cabinets.  I also found a four yard piece of fabric in a beautiful quality brownish grey color.  Fabric, book and a plate for $2.75 while we visited about life and the good of our lives.  Ed’s bronchitis is healing.  He is on day 7 of his Earl Mendells vitamin regimen.  So thankful for this pharmacist’s  wisdom in a book.  This is only the second time Ed has taken this regimen. The first time when we were married. He is not near as sick as back then but his body was stressed fighting it off.  He has stopped the horrible cough, the fever and clammy sweats.  How wonderful to have vitamins.  SOOOOOOOOOOO thankful.   My Day 7 of being thankful is for books, Including Earl M. Vitamin Bible.  

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