Over a decade ago I found this wooden-dove tail box at Shabby Chic. I have used it for various purposes including when I cut a piece of memory foam to fit inside it 4 Miss Witty’s super comfy bed. Miss Witty went to cat heaven and the box has been just hanging out with no real purpose. On Tuesday, last week I needed more sand paper to finish sanding the farm table. On the way to town I stopped at the Thrift Store just in case they had some to avoid a trip to town. While they looked 4 sand paper, I looked around and saw this little green school desk, like the one I sat at in my 2nd grade class at Jackson Heights Elementary. I thought that maybe my dove tale box would fit in the opening. They did not have the kind of sandpaper to fit my electric sander so I went on to town, bought the right kind and when I got home I took measurements of the box. On Wednesday on my way to Bozeman to meet Carole for our get together I stopped and measured the desk opening. A Perfect fit!…. so I bought the desk. The box now lives inside this desk. I have not had a time to figure out where it will live in our home but will figure it out tomorrow.
I LIKE boxes. I would put everything in a box if it were possible for the sake of orderliness. Weird perhaps but I just like total boxed order like that.
I know in heaven everything will be in order all the time. One more wonderful perfect thing about our forever.

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