14 years

 We moved into our home 14 years ago this month.  At the time my Mom was alive and living with us. We moved in here with much stress in our lives of caring for my Mom and brother, both handicapped.   To me part of a home is making it homey.  I tried but had no time to do much of anything but what was necessary on a daily basis.   Our bedroom is 14 x 16 and has always looked like a big empty room with furniture in it.  I have not ever been able to figure out how to make it feel inviting-welcoming.  I have thought of an arrangement about a month ago and went through it in my mind over and over and today in a matter of about 10 minutes we rearranged it and it feels perfect.   I shop thrift stores and over the last year bought a platform bed, beautiful soft floral bedspread and shams and bought an antique dresser which I painted a soft green to match the bedspread.  The combo of it all, the new sheers I purchased and the perfect arrangement today finished the feel of completion.  

  There is so much horror going on in this world that it seems so frivolous to even think about how to arrange a bedroom.  But since I have a bedroom and furniture and it all goes in there I went ahead and thought about it until I figured it out.  I am so thankful for the firm solid structure of our bed and the memory foam mattress that could not possibly be any more comfy.  I never forget how blessed we are to live in this country and to be blessed like we are with all the luxuries we have.  Every night when I climb into warm clean sheets, warm clean pj’s and clean body I remember how blessed I am for all the fresh soft cleanliness  I sleep in each night.  I am so deeply thankful.  I do not take any of this for granted.  When I curl up next to my husbands perfectly warm body I am so thankful to be me, to be married to him and to be blessed with his love and kindness day in and day out.  I am blessed beyond description to say the very least.  

  My husband likes the arrangement very much.  Every room in our house is balanced welcoming and homey.  It took a long time to figure the balance out as I cannot see mentally until I see it physically, usually.  I was able to see it in our bedroom b4 doing this arrangement but in general I cannot see it until the fact.  

   All that to say home feels so good when it is arranged in a perfect manner.   Our home feels good.  I have been trying to figure out our kitchen color also.  I knew I wanted white walls again. I have always liked red n white but I have more gentle accent colors in blue and when Carole and I went out last Wednesday I found a Blue floral kitchen canister and set it up beside the blue chicken and saw- knew that I like the blue accents with the white.   Blue was my favorite color years ago and then I walked away from the color blue for reasons that are to long to go into.  I do not like blue in huge amounts but just touches make the perfect balance.  I am going to buy a white and blue print fabric for kitchen curtains and for the sliding glass door cover for privacy.  We need to refinish our floors and have started looking for the right color for that.  

  Life is so serious it still seems frivolous to care but since we live here and for very little money I can make it homey I am going to finish it and enjoy it so much more than when it was just furniture in a room to exist in.  

  Tomorrow I am going to town for a manicure with Katie to help her get the practice she needs to get licensed. I need a mani anyway as I have not had one since last year. Yikes lol  but I am going to go to Jo Anns and start looking at fabric 4 the kitchen in a soft blue print.  I do not want to over do it in anyway, but perhaps a soft small amount will be the key to pull it all together.  I am so NOT an interior decorator but I know when it looks good. I just have to find it and see it b4 I can figure it out.   

  There is a deep quiet contentment  in me and it shows in my home.  So so deeply thankful.  XOXOXO

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