The Real Me

I read an article in In Style and read a word I had read b4 but did not know its meaning. I go through magazines and tear out any pictures that I find inspirational and toss the rest. I was thinking about this word last night and grabbed the magazine back out of the garbage and looked up the word…quintessentially ……. which means “the purest concentrated essence of anything” prior to looking it up last night I did not know that words meaning or even how to pronounce it. It is often used in fashion mags and now I know why as it is used to describe the purest form of being lady like in clothing etc. Last night I wrote that word down on a large sheet of school paper, the kind that I use for writing out verses to meditate on. Instead, last night I decided to write down all the words I could find relating to fashion clothes jewelry etc. I put on one of my favorite movies , “The Illusionist” playing quietly in the back ground (I have a small TV and DVD player in my art room) and took this magazine out of the garbage and started at the front and found words without listing any actual designers names etc, just in general and filled an entire sheet with words all fashion related. Instead of just watching a movie which I have not done in some time, I wrote while I listened. I just wanted to escape from all serious thought etc. I enjoyed it and thinking about the beauty of clothes and the art of wearing clothes. Again, frivolous but relaxing 4 me.
Today I wrote out the verses on love from I Cor 13 and thought about the reality of loving someone and what those verses describe as true love. There is a connection in the smallest form between the two, clothes are romantic and true love can be deeply romantic. Here’s to writing, clothes, romance, true love and a good movie.

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