The weather, a quote, being social, and Muscle Memory

The bitter cold is predicted to come this week.  So thankful for warmth of wool. I don’t dread the cold. I can only be thankful for all we have to stave off the cold. Thankful our little granddaughters have head to toe coverage. Turned up the furnace this morning while Ed was building a fire in the wood stove.

  Quiet morning this am.  Beautiful sky’s.   I am all over the place this morning in my mind,  It’s Monday and read this quote yesterday. “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”  Eleanor Roosevelt. 

  We have been going to Grace for around 10 years. I have watched Sharon walk the isles greeting people before the Dr. gets up on stage.  I have always admired her kindness and the welcoming she gives to people.  This last week when we did Thanksgiving in Butte there were people on one side of the church and all of us on the other side.  I did the Sharon.  I walked over to the other side and just started at one end and said hi and introduced myself and asked who they were.  I was scared to do it until I started walking over and all the fear left me and I just felt love for people I did not even know.  There is so much more to this life than staying in a comfort zone.  I am so thankful for my job at T&C.  It has taught me so much about interacting with people.  I have a degree in being social just from learning what I have learned at work in dealing with people.  Who ever would have thought?!

  I noticed the Dr’s body language yesterday and he was smiling and excited.  He introduced a friend of his that he knows from Russia, another pastor.  He was so up and you could tell it in his voice and preaching.  His preaching is always deep, meaningful, sincere and life changing but yesterday he was excited and it came out in his words and action.  For all the burdens and weight a pastor keeps inside you can tell when his heart is heavy from it all.  He was not at all heavy hearted yesterday.  

   We are going to Bozeman today to watch Keelee for various reasons.  Will write later about muscle memory.  It is amazing how you can hear about something and think about it for years and then have it pan out.  It has panned out.  LOL  will write tonight or tomorrow.  XOXOXO 

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