The Art (LOL) of Muscle Memory

Years ago in my late 30’s, when I was so desperate to make the pain in my body stop I asked my husband WHY my back and neck would not stay in. He told me muscle has memory and mine had the memory of being out since my car wreck.  It had been well over two decades.  My husband had been blown out of a building in a propane explosion and was going to a chiropractor.  I started going and asked the DC if he knew muscle had memory.  He said, “No, it does not”  I knew I was NOT going to get help and left finally as all he could tell me was that “Your back should not go out so quickly”  The guy only had book learning and not much of that sorry to say.  Anyway,  17 years later I am reading an art book (I bought back in 2006 via an art club I use to be in,) entitled “Painting Nature” by Peggy Harris.  One of her techniques to learn to paint realistically, is to trace the animal, in my case a butterfly, because she says, Muscle has memory and when you trace an object your mind-muscles will remember the shape when you draw it again.  I traced a butterfly one time and sure enough when I drew it, it came out perfect.  I love how the brain can be trained to draw and remember and that Artists have more book learning than sadly,  an ignorant Dr.  

  Anyway, I am writing a book for my granddaughters and instead of hiring an artist to illustrate it I am doing the art-illustrations myself.  What I can’t picture I will trace and then draw freehand, from memory for the illustrations.

  It snowed lots last night.  The fresh unmarked snow is beautiful this am.  I have to wait for it to get light out so I can take pictures.  

  We had a great day yesterday.  Stayed at Karen’s to be  with Keelee. One nice thing about living in town is the close proximity of everything.  But I am thankful we live out here in the country just the same.

  Also I have been looking at the pictures Kelly B. takes of the sunrises and sunsets in California and I still think they are the most beautiful of rises and sets of anywhere on this planet. Just sayin ……..xoxoxo

One thought on “The Art (LOL) of Muscle Memory

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