My Chair Affair

I admit I have been having a full blown chair affair for over two years. I thought when I found the Leather Michael Thomas that I was satisfied and would not go out looking for more. Last Wednesday while waiting to go to Costco I stopped in at the Thrift Store and fell madly in love all over again. It is true you can love more than one chair at a time. This baby is dated 6-2010. Which means it is only 3 and 1/2 years old. BUT the arms were dirty and the ottoman has a stain on it like super glue????? I did the professional clean the way my co-worker told me to (she owns her own upholstery carpet cleaning business) and the arms came clean. Thrilled. I want to recover it in denim but until I do the red is cool. (literally) This chair is from Conlins Furniture and I paid a whooping 15 bucks for it. It is uber comfy. I would give it up b4 giving up the Michael Thomas or the Lazy Boy as my love is not that deep lol but this baby is solid soft and comfy.

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