Total Change of Plans

 Yesterday morning I woke up early early and wrote down all the stuff I wanted to accomplish for the day.  I got every one done.  I love days like that.  Today I woke up and had three things to do. Go to town early and get our errands done and then come home and go meet my friend Carole and do our thrift store stuff and hang out together.  

  On the way to town the oil filter cracked in our Chevy.  We stopped at 4 corners and Ed had to go buy some oil so Ed told me to hang out in the thrift store and wait.  LOL  I found a picture I had seen on fb of Anne Geddes.  It made me cry when I saw it on fb the first time.  It is the one of the mans big strong hands holding a tiny little new born between his hands.  I love the picture and got it for $2.50.   It is small, just 5 x 7.  I found a stamp of a painting of D. Morgans hot air ballons.  Also my eyeglass case spring had sprung and I found the exact same one in brown in perfect condition for 50 cents.  Two pictures and a new glass case.  Ed came in and said we have to go. He told me the oil filtered cracked from the cold and we had to get home b4 all the oil leaked out. He poured two quarts in and we headed home and made it b4 the oil leaked out.  We get in my ranger and take off and everything started shutting down in the ranger. Got to Napa and he opened the hood and the belt had come off. Crazy.  We froze trying to get it back on. Ed got it back on and the truck would not start. I called Carole and canceled our afternoon together not knowing what was going to happen time wise. Silas came and gave us a jump with Karen’s Subaru.  Went to Wall Mart for Ed to buy all the stuff for his truck and on the way everything started working again in my truck. Cody called and we told him we were at Wall Mart and he said he was on his way there to buy a board for his presentation on education.  He needed help to get his presentation all taped and glued on the board. He worked as he did not want to take off and Erica went to her previous commitment.  He told me he needed help to get it done so we headed to his place and got there by a little after two and were done by 20 to 4:00.  He changed for school, and I drove him the few blocks to MSU and dropped him off.  If our vehicles had not of broken down we would not have been in town.  It all worked out for good and his project got done on time.  

  Also while helping Ed on the truck I had my fingerless Robert Redford Sundance alpaca gloves on and my hands FROZE!  I was going to buy each of the girls in our family a pair for Christmas.  They are worthless outdoors in COLD weather.  SO NOT buying those for gifts.   Another reason to be thankful for the trucks breaking down.   So after picking Ed up at Cody’s we went and finished our errands and came home. I had made Jerry a big breakfast and lunch. So glad as he was not starving when we got home. Made dinner when we got  home and then we sat down in our chairs and told each other how thankful we were to have each other and especially on days like today.  I missed being with Carole but thankful we were there for Cody.  He said on the way to MSU that it was all downhill from here now and he was relieved to have it done.

  So thankful for our warm home, food and hot baths.  Thankful Thankful Thankful! xoxoxo

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