Our kids and a quote.

We went to Cody and Erica’s today for breakfast.  Cody is gifted as a chef.  Breakfast was delicious and the company totally delightful.  Becka is here.  Karen dropped Keelee off. Realized both Becca and Keelee have beautiful creamy rich dark chocolate brown eyes.   Precious lives these girls.  Had a wonderful time being together b4 they took off 4 Texas 4 Christmas.  

  Brought the Keelee boppers home with us.  Keelee and I made pumpkin pie. she asked yesterday if we could make it today.  She fell asleep at approximately 2:30.  Erica just called and they r on their way to Texas.  How blessed we r 2 have the kids and grand kids we have.

   Ed showed me a statement today Dave Hunt wrote in his book, “What ever Happened to Heaven”.  ………”Life has no ultimate meaning unless it continues not temporally but eternally, beyond both the grave and the passing existence of this physical universe.  Consequently, life is only lived wisely to the extent that it is spent in preparation for the eternity which follows.”   

  Did not have my camera with me last night and missed an amazing sunset.  Maybe again tonight.   XOXOXO

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