Christmas shopping and a movie.

Ed and I had SUCH a fun day together, yesterday.  I left the house clean, dishes and  laundry all done.  Fed Jerry breakfast and left lots of food so he would not be hungry in case we got home later.  Told him we would be gone till late afternoon and had him write it down so he would know why and when etc.  He knows NEVER to touch the wood stove. Left the thermostat on 72 and the wood stove well stocked and shut down so we knew he was toasty warm and had lots of food so we could relax and enjoy ourselves and not be worried about him.

  We shopped with our list for each of the grandkids and Jerry.  We knew where we were going to shop so we did it methodically and got it all done by 2:00 PM.    (Sunday we went to Arron and Tiffany’s for lunch with a bunch of people, mostly related by  blood or marriage and the rest by salvation. Good food and fellowship and then we all went to see the Hobbit.  The theater was packed on Sunday)  Yesterday, Wednesday, after we were done Christmas shopping Ed wanted to see the Hobbit in 3D.  We bought our tickets and waited at Barnes and Noble until time to go in.  We walked in and there was one couple in the room.  A dad and son came in and then another couple.  There were 8 of us watching the Hobbit in 3D.  It was nice. 🙂  3D is fun and I took about a 20 minute nap.  I put my head on Eds lap and stretched out with my wrap and Eds jacket to keep me warm.  It felt so good.  When I woke up I sat back up  and kept watching the movie.   Sitting in the theater I realized I did not have my keys on me.  The brain is amazing.  I realized I did not know where they were as I had changed purses for shopping and had not transferred my keys.  Got home and looked in other purse and my work bag.  Yikes.  I called two places we had been – no keys.  I ate dinner as I had only eaten breakfast and an apple all day and was hungry.  After feeding Jerry , Ed and I ate dinner and  I thought about the weekend as we had not driven in my truck all 4 days, just Eds truck.  I remembered what I had worn and checked the pocket of my down vest and wa-la my keys were there.  DELIGHTFUL to find missing keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!  I put them back in my purse where they belong and relaxed.  Life’s simple pleasures are so sweet and good!  Ed and I hung out in my art studio-servants quarters for the evening.  Such a quiet sweet fun day!  Being together, getting the shopping done,  a good movie and getting home and all was well.  

  It turned cold today.  Not below 0 temps like a couple weeks ago but chilly nonetheless.  It is suppose to warm up for Christmas.  So thankful!  Wonderful news on our kids new home they are in the process of buying.  It just keeps getting better and it was good to start.  Thankful.  So looking forward to their moving in and going to visit them and all the fun that is.  Looking forward to going to the Amish grocery store Christie has told me about.  Good night XOXOXO

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