We are going on vacation.  (Have friends staying here while we are gone)  BUT,  we are staying in our kids four season beautiful camper and they are staying in the main house as they have little girls for all the practical reasons!!!!  I was thinking about asking Christie if she wanted to switch places and when she called this am and I asked her she told me she was thinking about  asking  me the very same thing, to c  if I wanted to switch.  Same page, line, word and letter. LOL   Oh I am delighted.  I wake up every morning just b4  FOUR am.  I love early mornings.  Ed and the guys are all going hunting several mornings while we are down there.  I will be able to get up make a cup of tea, run the vitamix to make my green drink, read my Bible, write and draw, just be, without disturbing anyone and truly be on vacation.  Jerry will be in the main house where he will have a bathroom and all he needs.  This is going to be a vacation for real!   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful!  

  Also, Zach and Aundi came to town Saturday and brought the little couch and we traded the red Conlins chair 4 their little couch.  (I called Zach yesterday to see if they like the chair and he said, “We love it!”)  It matches their couch and their little couch matches our living room.  What a perfect trade  switch that was not  planned.  Also Aundi knows how to antique furniture and I asked her how and she told me and  described the simple process.  I am going to whiten-antique three pieces of furniture.  Won’t do it until this spring-summer when it is warm enough to sand outside as it would make a MESS inside the house.  So looking forward to doing these three pieces.  The antique hutch, antique desk and the room divider.   They will change the look in my art studio-servants quarters.  My humble abode is delightful to say the least.  I will miss being in there this week but really looking forward to this family getaway time.  

  This will be the merriest Christmas ever.  I MISS the Christmas eve service at church.  But thankful for time with family in another town.  Maybe we will see if there is a service at the Baptist church in the town where we are going to be.  I love Christmas Eve.   God willing we will return home next week.  Merry  Merry Christmas.  XOXOXO 


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