Merry Christmas Week

Spent Christmas week in Park City this year.  Went to town a couple of times.  Our daughters sister-in-law came to town to exchange some Christmas gifts and called our daughter and asked her to meet her at the Mall.  I went with her and while they were shopping for some boots, I walked around the mall.  A woman approached me and wanted to give me a demonstration for some cosmetic skin product.  I let her draw me in and realized almost right away it was the same ones who had nabbed me last year and tried to sell me some wonderful skin care product that leaves your skin feeling like a babies behind.  I tried imitating it last year using coconut oil and sea salt and got pretty much the same effect.  This year, after again telling them no thank-you  we went back to where we were staying and I was looking at my mother-in-laws “Country Woman” magazine and they have a couple pages of recipes for homemade products INCLUDING the oil and sea salt skin care recipe.  I had it pretty close last year. This year I copied down the recipe exactly and on our way home today bought some Epsom Salt and am going to make my own hand scrub cream tomorrow.  I LOVE how soft it makes your skin 4 sure!!!!  Will post pictures and recipe tomorrow.  XOXOXO

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