December 31, 2013

 I used up the ripe bananas and baked 6 loaves of banana bread this afternoon.  Ed processed all his geese and ducks and  built a fire in the wood stove.  I made the sea salt hand scrub but used sweet orange essential oil as I love the smell of a fresh peeled orange.  It smells perfect and my hands r so soft.  I really really like this product!    Ed and Jerry are both napping.  Have to go into town this evening and do inventory at work.  We have so many birds coming in so Ed is going to go buy another bag of bird feed to keep them full.  It is 40 + degrees above 0 and melting the snow.  The wind is blowing and Jerry heard it is 14 below in North Dakota.  So thankful for our warmth here.  Zach, Christie and Karen have all called today.  Karen is sick but the other two are doing well.  Enjoying the quietness of this last day of 2013.  Dinners in the crock pot so the kitchen is clean and ready for the night.    Excited for my camera to arrive next week.  Cody and Erica told me cameras are less expensive now and that that they keep improving them.  I am so excited to take pictures with this new one and see how it performs.  

  Carole is still in Redding so staying home tomorrow instead of running around with her.  God willing, if tomorrow comes.  xoxoxo  


Ed and Jerry just woke up and are eating a piece of banana bread.  Ed said, “Oh Nadine!  Thank You Thank You Thank You” as he looked me right in the eye.  I put 6 ripe bananas in each loaf to make it extra creamy banana-eee 🙂   He loves banana bread.  I also used  my homemade almond milk as it makes it so creamy with real butter.  I love love love making Ed happy!  He is such a kind precious man!  I love being domestic like this!  🙂

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