Unchanging Faithfullness

It is over cast and snowing today.  We got home last night around 9:30.  Ate a yummy dinner I had on  in the crock pot.  Ed bought a Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout Malt Beer-Ale.  I drank about a fourth to half a measuring cup of it, in a glass of course :-).  So good but it relaxed me so deeply that when we went to bed finally I slept and the fire works at midnight did not even wake me up. I woke up this am and realized I did not hear anything last night. Ed told me that I slept through all the explosions going on outdoors.  I love sleep like that.  I am so not a party person lol.  I woke up with the words to a hymn playing in my head, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”  I thought about the meaning of those words.  In the mundane – ness of life those words sound like an old hymn, but in reality the truth is amazing. “There is no shadow of turning with thee, Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not, As Thou hast been Thou for-ever- will be.”  Amazing to be wanted loved and cared for by God.  Amazing Amazing reality!  Also I wonder if there will be shadows in heaven and on the new earth?  Here in this life the sun makes light and shadow values but I wonder if Gods light in eternity will bend around corners or if their will be light and dark value in eternity? I love the light value in Park City.  It is such a contrast and so beautiful! Today it is overcast and gray here in the Gallatin Valley.  Gray-grey can be spelled either way but outside it is just gra-e-y lol.   

   We are staying home today and do nothing but live quietly.  I did the breakfast dishes, the house is in order so going to play all day.   I don’t think we will go anywhere today.  Feels good to just be home and hang out.  I love that it is January 1st and spring is coming.  January always lasts a long time with winter being here but I have lots of things to do so am glad it will last  a long time so I can accomplish much.  

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