Ed and I were talking about a get-away we are going on and afterwards I wrote down all the places I would go and do and see if I could just up and travel. Here’s to a mental get-away. Having a wonderful day cleaning and getting things in order. We bought a case of pink lady apples and Ed canned 11 quarts last week. I helped him this am, peel the rest of the case, and he is canning while I clean. I love days like this.
(Went to church Sunday morning then met Cody and Erica at Costco and shopped. Ed bought me some Merino wool glove liners for my leather gloves, at Sportsman’s. Amazing warm!!!! I wore them outside in minus -20 degree weather and my hands were toasty warm. So Thankful!
Got home Sunday and set out Organic Our Daily Red Wine, Honey Mead, fresh french bread from a local bakery, cheese, and Dagoba organic dark chocolate for snacking while dinner was in the oven. What a great day. Cody and Erica did not have any school work so we all had fun all day. Love Sundays.)
Back to today, Karen is off today and tomorrow so Keelee won’t be here. Staying home again today and getting lots done. Excited for what is coming. Will write about it after the fact. Happy Day XOXO

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