Extremes today

Started this day watching our precious granddaughter at her gymnastics class.  Ran errands all over town. Have not been to the thrift store in about a month and decided to stop today.  Have made a precious friendship with a woman there.  We hugged and she started crying. I told her I would start praying.  She told me how thankful she is that we saw each other today. I was looking for a couple things for my daughter she asked me to look for.  Instead I found another great book on learning Spanish and years ago my daughter gave me a sweater.  I wore it but got rid of it eventually as it got old and I got old.  Today I found the same style sweater but in the exact colors I like and it fits perfectly. I don’t look through the clothes but a rack was at the front of the store with stuff to hang out and as I walked by I saw the colors and picked it up. Going to take pictures in natural day light.   I bought it and left. I called my daughter and told her what I had found and went back to check the price  for her.  I bought those and my friend told me she would help me carry it out of the store. I told her I could get it and she insisted. When we got outside she started talking and told me  her daughter is pregnant and considering an abortion.  Praying she will not kill her baby and for parents to adopt this little life.  We talked and hugged again.  

 My camera came in the mail today.  Waiting until next weekend to watch the dvd to learn how to operate it and take pictures. My girlfriend Nbpb sent me a gift. One of her beautiful robes she makes.  I am going to take a picture with natural sunlight after my work week and will post on here.



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