I keep seeing a quote in the art-blogging world and it states…..”Its not the destination it is the journey.”  I so do not agree with that.  I believe the destination is as important.  My conclusion to all the pain this life has brought to my brothers and I, physically and emotionally won’t matter as long as we have confessed our sin, accepted salvation through Jesus Christ ONLY so that our eternal destination is secure forever for eternal life.  What good does it do to have a perfect life with mountain top experiences if you die and spend eternity in hell!  Absolutely better to have never been born!

   W. McDonalds devot from Friday, January 10 has some statements that are total reality to every day life.  “…..hard work, daily routine, monotony……life is a long distance race, not a 50 yard dash, and we need endurance to run it. It is important to start well, but what really counts is the endurance that enables us to finish in a blaze of glory…… If you are ever tempted to quit, remember the words of Hebrews 10:36, You need endurance if you are to do God’s will and win what He has promised.”   

   I do not know why our life was hit by extreme illnesses, car wrecks and emotional pain, but for whatever caused it all, happenstance or on purpose what matters in the end is what the Drs sermon was about today in Mark 2:1-12.  The main thing is that we have our sins forgiven, be right with Him, and trust Him for eternal life, and I quote the Dr. “If we never had anything go our way in life but we had the assurance of sins forgiven, we would still have reason for JOY!”  I do wonder if God knew that my brother and I would be saved and that is why we never died each time our bodies should have medically died.   He perhaps kept us alive to grant us forgiveness of sin and eternal life.( One thing is absolutely 4 sure we were sinners and needed forgiveness!  Sooooooo eternally thankful we did not die b-4 getting saved!)  Whether that is true or not the reality is that I know I am saved and I have eternal life and this life is a vapor compared to eternity.  So looking forward to forever.  

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