Happy Birthday Karen!

We are having Karen’s birthday party here tomorrow night.  I asked her what she wants for her birthday dinner and she requested the raw Lasagna from “One Lucky Duck”  The last time I made it I did it all by hand and it took hours.  Since then I got a Cuisinart from the thrift store. Rick sold it to me for 10.00 bucks.  Un heard of 🙂   It works perfectly and makes fast work of all things chopped. 🙂  So in the am we are headed to town to get the ingredients for this delicious meal and it will be fun to make it using this high speed processor.  I am making a Namaste chocolate cake using two Dagoba Dark Chocolate Bars for the frosting.  Cody and Erica are coming out also. Good times and Good family times.  I learned how to use my new camera today so planning on taking more pictures of family and food.  Happy Happy Birthday Karen Lynn.

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