La Comida’s

Sunday dinner at our home is such sweet good times with Cody and Erica.  I have been making the same thing every Sunday for quite some time because it is so so good. But last Sunday I was sick and did not want them to catch what I had so they did not come over.  I was thinking about dinner this Sunday and what I would LOVE if I could have any meal in the whole world.  Instantly I knew I would be in Redding,  California at La Comida’s and order a Tostada Salad.  I made Tostada Salads for dinner today.  As we started eating, Erica stopped and said, “This is my favorite food in the whole world.”  I knew i hit the jack pot and another reason why I feel so connected to my precious wonderful daughter-in-law.  We both love Mexican-American food.  It actually tasted like La-Comidas only better.  We had organic wine instead of diet coke as I don’t do soda pop or serve it,  but it was superlative in every way!   We are so so blessed to have the availability of food that we do and not only in its amount but in the fact it is organic- not GMO and delicious all at the same time.  Thankful for this whole wonderful day, from the Drs sermon to our coffee date to lunch and now just being here together.  

  Jill barked today, first time this week.  Never thought it would make me so happy to hear our dog bark.  She is fading but still not suffering.  XOXOXO

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