Aunt Bonnie

Growing up we moved so many many times. But for 5 years we lived in Durham, California, on Stanford Lane, next door to my Aunt Bonnie.  She was the most fun aunt on the planet earth.  She had the outside of her house painted lavender and green with black trim.  Each room in her house was decorated in a totally different theme.  She and my uncle worked for Pacific Bell as managers and never had kids.  Her driveway was lined with gardenias and smelled better than anything on the planet.  She had a maid-housekeeper-cook named Dora. Dora was Mexican and kept Aunt Bonnie’s house perfectly neat and clean and she cooked AMAZING Mexican meals.   Sometimes Aunt Bonnie would have big dinner party’s that Dora cooked and we would be invited over for dinner.  It was amazingly good!  My Mom was an excellent cook but she never cooked Mexican so it was another treat to go to aunt Bonnie’s.  

  She also had a swimming pool in her back yard.  It was a real swimming pool with a slide and and her yard was perfectly groomed with flowers and bushes and a covered patio.  She had a sign up on the fence that said, “We don’t swim in your toilet, please don’t pee in our pool.”   We had some of the best times in Aunt Bonnie’s back yard, swimming and having barbeque’s and being kids.   She wore wigs sometimes, she had tiny feet and wore high high heels.  She sold Vivienne Woodard cosmetics for fun.  Her dining room had a beautiful wooden cupboard and a closet full of cosmetics.  The smell was heaven and girlie all the way.  It was an utter delight going in that room.  I never touched a thing but I watched and smelled and soaked up the delight of it all. She gave me a tube of the perfect palest pink lipstick and I savored it for a long long time.  

  Yesterday she called me from Paradise.  We talked for a long time.  I so want to go see her b4 she dies.  She is 88 and her mind is as sharp as a tack still.  How much I would love to go see her this spring-summer.  Here’s to my life being so blessed with so many happy memories from  Aunt Bonnie!

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