Warmer weather, Gods love, and smart phones.

My boss told me it is suppose to be 38 below on Thursday and now it looks like it will be 12 above.  So thankful!  We are heading to Bozeman today to watch Keelee do her gymnastics, and then going to a coffeedate with Karen and Keelee at The Daily coffee shop.  Meeting Carole today for our first Wednesday of the month get together.  

   I am wearing my French strip top today and feeling good.  Had one of those mornings where I was numb and did not feel and the thought that God loves me went through my mind and  it seemed unreal and I went through the facts that the Bible has never been disproven, God can’t lie and as arrogant as it sounds, He loves me. thought about how my switch does not shut off anymore when thinking about God the Father.  That is REAL change!!!!  Wonderful permanent reality always.

  I bought a smart phone and am figuring it out.  Just found my grandkids message they sent me some time ago.  I have lots to learn about this thing but enjoying it just the same.   Fun day ahead.    XOXOXO

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