I regularly read or hear something that I want to make a permanent part of my thinking-life from William McDonald and the Dr. I have always wished I had an organized way to keep record of the truths that become a part of me. Yesterday I was looking at a new magazine on many different ways to journal and one of the ways this lady journals is she takes a spiral bound calender journal and paints each space a different color, cuts out magazine pictures and writes words to make a pleasing word picture journal for what ever idea she took a fancy to. Looking at that I realized I could use a calender journal and each day I can write down what I learn from my devotions by William Mc D or notes I have learned from, from the Drs. notes from his sermons. Right now in all book stores you can buy calender journals at 75% off. (You can always buy them in February at this discounted price) So yesterday I bought one that has a Psalm printed with each picture. I am not going to go back really far but one of my favorite sermons from the Dr. was on December 22, 2013 and he clearly explained the difference between justification and sanctification. I wrote down his words and painted soft beautiful colors over the words. I also did the same with William McDonalds. What a perfect reason to journal. Not my words, but the words that I learn truth from these two men. Plus I LOVE color and it makes reading the words utterly delightful to my eye. So besides my word picture memory cards, I now have a way to record these truths and find them when I want to read them again. They do not have to be written on the exact day I read them as some times there will be more words than space. I will just go with the flow. My handwriting is so small that I can get a lot of their words in a small space. It is not as clear as typing but works anyway. I am delighted to say the very least!

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