Four dogs and a cat.

Ed told me this story this evening from today. Our neighbors have two dogs, Lumis and Jackson, two large sweetheart labs.  The neighbors next door to  Lumis and Jackson have 4 large dogs and a cat. Today, the neighbor with the four dogs and the cat came walking up the country rode. The cat walks with the man and his four dogs.  Lumis and Jackson did not like that the cat was walking on the rode and ran over to attack the cat.  The four big dogs attack Lumis and Jackson and worked them over but good and the cat never ran off. He-she knew he-she was totally safe and just stayed by his-her owner and watched the four big dogs protect her-him from Lumis and Jackson.   LOL Reminds me of Dillion (our German Shepard Husky cross) and Miss Witty our cat.  No dogs could bother her as he protected her with his life.

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