The color Bluel

Brady wanted to check out the hamsters-guinea pigs at the local pet stores etc. Karen and I were checking out the fish. I LOVE the color Blue of these fish. Karen told me that these particular fish are carnivorous and will kill anything put in the water with them so they are lone sharks. LOL But they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL in color and the flowing gentle movement of their fins in water as they swim is mesmerizing and deeply relaxing. I remembered my father’s salt water fish tank he had on Pickford Way. It was absolutely beautiful to watch those intensely colored fish. My father would sit in his wheel chair and watch them a lot. I want one fresh water, killer “lone shark” that I do not have to hire a pro, to care for the tank, etc etc, just one of these to watch and enjoy the color and movement. My granddaughters will enjoy it also. Lizzie had one of these but it died like all things living, do. She named him Uncle Zach after our son, Zach.

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