Ed and I went to Keelee’s gymnastics today.  Keelee was rested and in a great mood.  Afterwards we  did some errands, and got Ed some stuff he needed from the health food store. Went to several places including Costco.  We have such a sweet time on Wednesdays.  I had a gift certificate to the thrift store plus my weekly allowance for thrifting so after the errands, we stopped at the Goodwill and I found the perfect little clutch for my RL.  Same exact hardward.  LOVE the color combo of blue brown tan and white.   Sweetness in the purse.  Then we went to a couple of bookstores and checked out some great mags on art and hunting. Stopped by the thrift store on the way home and I found a basket, yarn and white tea pot to use up my gift card I have had for about a month.  Home now, celebrating life and Eds birthday from last week from when we were in Gap.  Beautiful wonderful day.  

Last night Cody and Erica came out. Had a great discussion on being close to God.  I think reading the word to learn about  Him,to  be close to Him and  being obedient are the literal ways to stay close.

  Have thought about my friend Diane so much today.  Friendship is precious, old friendships are priceless!

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