The Right Man

I have been thinking about this for a long time but especially lately, being married to the right person and of course for me being married to the right man.  A lady came through my line today with a shopping bag from a TV show with a man and women pictured who act on the show.  The woman was quoted as saying something to the effect, “I would rather be married to the right-perfect man than have the right perfect wedding.  

  I have thought lately about most of my girlfriends from high school who married the wrong man and most are divorced or getting divorced.  I won’t even begin to write all the stuff I did not like at all about my wedding and I how I would have done it differently if it had been in my power to do so, BUT the one priceless wonderful lasting perfect part, the only part that mattered was the man I married.  He is priceless, precious, wonderful, kind, godly, and pretty much  impossible to describe for all his goodness.  He is mine forever, I would not change him for anything, ever.  The longer I am married to him the more I am amazed at the gift God gave me, in him, for a husband.  I don’t have words to describe  all that I have to be thankful for in him.    God knew b4 I ever met Ed that He would bring us together.  What a story I could write about those years and  months leading up to when God brought us together.   My blog would be so much more interesting if I wrote the story but it is a harsh, cruel reality and better left behind.  Their  may be other women who are as thankful for their husband as I am, but their are none more so.  He is priceless and irreplaceable.  To God for bringing us together,  for the Dr’s preaching-teaching that has so completely radically changed my life and made me a changed person and wife for my Edmond and to my Edmond who loves me like Christ loves the church.  Unselfishly, completely in good times and bad, in happy and sad, forever.  What God has joined together …… XOXOXO

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