I always root plants that I want to replant each year and did so today. I have three new plants in three pots. When I was done I went to wash off my tools and realized the dripping snow from the roof would do the job. I love the color and water splashes so had to take a picture.
This was a great week.
the kids came out,had great conversations and good food and sweet times. Talked on the phone to the others who were not here.
My girlfriend in Utah found the home of her dreams to move into. I canceled thrift-storing for the day as I had so much going on and cleaning I needed to get done.
I got all the projects done. haircuts on Ed and Jerry, kitchen floor edges deep cleaned, laundry all done, plants re-potted sewed a skirt, re hung three pictures where I have wanted to hang them for months and repainted the mat on a picture I gave my Mom years ago. It looks rustic instead of NOT lol and several other things done done done. Each day I have been reading Mark 1-3 in William MacDonald’s commentary. How blessed to have the Drs. preaching and this commentary to learn truth, practical and usable to every day life. Love going back to work on Thursday with my list done and complete. I also LOVE staying home and not going to town. This next week we want to stay home three days, not just two.
So much I could write about but want to get sewing on another skirt. XOXOXO

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