What a Beautiful day.

Got up this morning. Only took me a week to adjust to the time change.  I am getting older, it use to never faze me.  🙂  Ed and I went to church.  Did not wear leggings-tights and was plenty warm. I love this kind of weather.  The Dr. was walking around greeting people and shook hands with us and visited for a bit and Barb (from Gateway) came up and we visited. We are getting together Monday the 24 for lunch.  What a precious sweet lady. So looking forward to getting together. We always say we are going to get together and never do so this time I made a actual time and we are doing so.

  The Dr’s sermon was excellent as always and explained the unpardonable sin.  After church I took a picture of the creek by the church. I love the trickling sound of water.  Ed and I went by Rosauers and mailed off some fun mail and bought Ed some dark chocolate covered ginger.  Went to Barnes and Noble for a coffee date.  I used my thrift store money and bought Daphane’s Diary Magazine.  Full of beautiful art ideas for journaling.  Went grocery shopping and came home.  Made lunch, did dishes, put dinner in to bake and tided up.  Went to church this evening. Zach and Aundi are in Taos New Mexico and had me get on instagram to look at pictures of their trip.  So so cool.  Cody and Erica got back from their trip to California and Cody sat with me in church. Erica had homework to do. After church we listened to the people helping with the orphanages in the Ukraine.  We are so so wealthy it is shocking how much we have and are blessed with.  My life was changed again today.  One thing, the Drs. prayers are as instructing as his sermons.  “Be still my soul.”   XOXOXO

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