Fashion, Castles, Money and Suicide.

I was thinking a few weeks ago about life and even posted on FB that we only need three things in life,  1. to accept the gift of eternal life 2. Have our basic needs met and 3. Be in love.    After church,  while at B&N  (Barnes and Noble)  I found the next Art Journal by Stampington.  It is better than I hoped.  I haven’t bought the last several as they were off the wall. This one is loaded with treasures including the art of  an artist who did a journal page on Romans 8:28.   I bought it and have tons of ideas for my journal.  What inspiration!  BUT, as I was headed to Jo Ann’s to check on some paper I looked at the cover of People as it has the latest news on events  including the plane that is lost.  I was not going to read it BUT noticed that L’wren Scott committed suicide.   I greatly enjoy fashion, but like classics and am no expert but have noticed L’wren Scott’s designs enough to know she was an excellent dress designer.   She was gorgeous, filthy rich, had homes and castles all over the world, anything and everything money could buy, and she committed suicide last week.   

  It is true, money cannot buy happiness, love or meaning to life.  It is a tool to be used right for a purpose but does not give meaning to life.   A relationship with Jesus Christ, ones basic needs being met, being in love, give meaning to life.   Having an art studio and art supplies,  etc etc can be considered basic needs for an artist. LOL   I  am deeply thankful for my servants quarters- art studio.   Anyway,  what sorrow.  To have lived life, be given so much talent and to have never found the meaning to life.  To be in hell is horrific, to be an artist and be in hell doubly so. 

  .    Thankful thankful thankful for truth and life.  xoxoxo

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