The Color Brown

My favorite favorite color is the color brown.  I love every shade of brown from khaki tan to white chocolate to dark chocolate brown to the brown of bark on trees and the multi colors of sand on the beach  and all the  shades in between. I even like the sound of and the letters in the word brown.   Shades of brown literally make me happy inside.  I love how brown accents  the colors white, blue and green.  

Years ago I bought my son a LL Bean shirt at a thrift store.  He outgrew it and I ordered him the same classic shirt, new, from LL Bean in a bigger size, same color as he really really likes that classic cool shirt.  Since I ordered that shirt I get LL Bean catalogs in the mail.  I always look through them but I have not bought anything for myself as I do not need any more clothes.  BUT, I love their classic women’s clothes, especially their cotton classic sweaters  One in particular is a classic cotton sweater that is a soft khaki lite lite brownish tan color.  If I were to buy that sweater I would buy it in that color. But I do not need another sweater so would not spend the money on it.  

I made a friend from work and we discovered we both lived in the same town in high school and a guy friend of mine, Mike C. his sister and this girlfriend of mine were close friends in high school.  Very small world.  Anyway she and I started hanging out together last year once a month and then up’d it to two times a month.  Her church does the Love Inc Clothes closet giveaway and one day the ladies from her church could not be there and asked her to run it so she called me to help as they needed  two people. One lady quit and the other one only comes when the weather is good as she is older etc etc. So all that to say she asked if I would mind helping out once a month etc etc. I said yes,  so now we do that once a month.  We sort and hang out donations etc etc.  We pull all the empty hangers etc etc.  We can take any of the clothes we want.  I always wait until the last person leaves and then go through the kids clothes to see if there is anything nice and fun for my grand-kids.  I have found some fun stuff over the months.  There are 2 bookshelves with many many sweaters folded and stacked for women.  After all the ladies had gone through them we were  refolding the sweaters and  tidying up and one of the sweaters was-is the LL Bean Sweater I so LIKE in size small in the  khaki tan color I so LIKE!.  SERIOUSLY!!!!! In perfect condition.  Unreal but true.   I tried it on. It fits perfect.  No way but yes way.  I now have that LL Bean sweater, for real!  

 I was pulling hangers and saw this perfect brown long t-shirt again in small.  It was already hanging up when we opened the store So no one had taken this long cool brown t-shirt from the last time the store was open. I tried on the t-shirt and put the sweater over it.  They were made for each other and my body.  Unreal but absolutely true.  Perfect colors, perfect condition, perfect size and after the fact.

I have a small body and long  legs.  I like to wear long shirts to make my body look longer and my legs shorter to balance out the difference.  This long beautiful BROWN t-shirt does just that under this sweater.   Both the t-shirt and sweater had been there at least  through the last “shopping” day for people so they were waiting for me to give them a body and a home. Thrilled with these perfect two articles of clothing.  

I did not want to go today as I wanted to hole up at home before going back to work tomorrow but I always do what I say I am going to do as it is right for people to be able to count on you etc etc.  There are so many clothes there that it is a bit overwhelming but wonderful for those who need clothes.  That no one had taken either the t-shirt or the sweater after all those people going through those clothes made me even more thankful as I was not taking something that any of those ladies wanted.  Amazing and did I mention I LOVE THE COLOR BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂    XOXOXOXO

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