The Covering

The sermon this morning was entitled The First Psalm Sunday.   Such intense reality in history and eternity.  I don’t remember what the Dr. said that made me think of this but at the end I started thinking about this thought again, that all things have a covering and underneath they are usually ugly or at least not anything that would cause someone to want to look at it.  For example, my art studio is  a  room with plain walls, the carpet is gone and painted a soft brown color.  But I put up pictures and wrote out verses and truths, I have a rug on the floor, a beautiful stain glass hanging light with roses in the glass and it is the cover to the plane blah-ness it would otherwise be.  Everything has a covering for different  reasons.  If you took the pictures, shelves, color and objects out of my art room it would not be appealing whatsoever.   While all that hides what would not look appealing to the eyes, God looks at us through Jesus Christ.  He is our cover making us look good to God.  At some point we will be clothed in robes of righteousness to cover up.   I am not a Bible scholar and don’t  know exactly what that is all about but need to find out.  If it is to hide us from His view or to make us look good for His viewing.  Either way, most of life is covered up to hide something.  But I love that He knows everything, He knows everything that the covering is keeping covered up. I love the freedom of confession of sin and being clean inside so that whatever is being covered up is considered clean because of His blood. I love that I do not have to worry if my faith is the right kind or amount of faith because faith is a gift from God, Eph. 2:8-9 so I know it is the right kind of faith and I am His and belong to Him forever and He will cover me here and there and with the right covering.   XOXOXO

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