The Sound of Thunder

We took off for school this morning and instead of staying in we walked for 4 hours.  By 11:30 Keelee laid her head on my shoulder. I wrapped her up in my DISMERO wrap, made an uber comfy bed in the wagon with a blanket and coats and laid her down in the wagon.  It took 35 minutes to get home.  She was so deep asleep we lifted the wagon into the house and just let her sleep. Karen picked her up and put her in bed and she never woke up.  All that fresh air and outdoor time made for an amazing nap for her.   We came home and I made mashed cauliflower and took out barbecued chicken for lunch. Afterwards Ed and I curled up on our bed and fell asleep. We woke up and a few minutes later heard rolling thunder in the distance.  LOVE that sound!!!!!!!!!  Got up and it started raining.  Total downpour for a few minutes and then it stopped.   Happy Tuesday.  XOXOXO

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