3:00 straight up

I was thinking about balance vs over doing it-in relation to being thankful. God says in everything give thanks.  My life on every level has been changed from our pastor’s preaching-words and my life continues to be changed.  

Yesterday, I was wishing for a perfect way to express thankfulness to our pastor and the thought to pray for him each time I am thankful crossed my mind.  Then the thought to pray for him each day at three o-clock crossed my mind. I doubted my ability to remember at three o-clock so decided I would just pray for him when I was thankful for the change.   This morning  I was super thankful and prayed for him and as the day went on did not think about it just was busy working.  This afternoon I was working and the distinct thought, pray for him now, went through my mind. I looked at my watch and it was three o’clock.   REALLY????????????????  I prayed, not because of my change  but just for him.  If God reminds me each day, I will pray at three o’clock, other wise just when I am thankful.  Very curious to see if three o’clock happens regularly.  XOXOXO

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