Quote from William McDonald

“We generally judge the effectiveness of Christian service by how many people are saved.  Perhaps there is a suggestion in this passage, that it would be equally valid to judge it by how many people, after receiving a clear presentation of the gospel, reject it and plunge into hell.  

God is glorified in both cases. To Him there is the sweet incense of grace in the first instance and of justice in the second”

  I have often thought about the horror of life for many people on this planet, past present and future and “if only we could fix all the problems and make them all go away etc etc”  but hell is even worse and God is justified in letting people, who reject Him, go to hell.  Harsh harsh reality, but absolute truth.  

That He gave His Son and His Son did not say No, but died for us the way He did makes the reality of Hell so real.   

So thankful for this book and the understanding I get from it.  



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