Charlie had diarrhea and was throwing up, could not keep any fluids down yesterday.  The vet lives down the road from our kids but her office is in the next town.  When she got back last night she brought an antibiotic shot, IV and bags of fluids and anti-nausea shot. She showed Christie how to give the IV and after giving Charlie his shots and IV fluids, Charlie went into a deep sleep.  Today he is eating rice, has not thrown up since before the vet gave him his shots last night and Christie gave him his second IV shot and bag of fluids this morning and he is only getting better.  They caught it in time we are pretty sure.  No more diarrhea or vomiting.  He has to make it for four days this way b4 the vet will say he is going to make it but we are pretty sure he is going to live.  Our grand girls and Christie are so so up.  So thankful for his little life.  

Christie’s father-in-law came over to hold Charlie while Christie inserted the needle and administered the IV fluids this morning and  Charlie got up and greeted  Steve.  He is not quite 4 months old and lost alot of weight in just one day but the rice will put that back on him and after eating all the rice he ate a little of his dog food also.   So deeply thankful for Charlies life.

We are all getting together in May for a family get together before Zach and Aundi go to New Mexico for Zach’s job. Will take pictures of Charlie and post on here.  XOXOXO

Christie just called again and Charlie ate half a bowl of his dog food, drank water and is bouncing and running around again. The vet checked with the birth peoples’ vet and they had had him vaccinated so it was either a new strain of parvo or something just like it and it got him. Yesterday he could not stop heaving and everything running out of his little back side and today no vomiting and no diarrhea. He will still keep taking his meds and iv tonight but he is acting like normal Charlie. The only thing he has not done yet is quietly walk by a toy, grabbed it and run to and out the dog door, out into the yard and run behind the lilac bush to hide and chew on the toy. When he does that again, Christie said she knows he will be 100% again. LOL XOXOXO

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