We have hoped for a while, to have someone help with my brothers care.  We have help moving in next month.  We needed two bedrooms for them so cleaned out our computer room and my craft room.  I completely redid our family room and moved my art room into the family room.  I LOVE the fit of our family room with my servants quarters-art-studio and that we have two rooms with a bathroom and closets for our move-in-help.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful for this change that’s coming.   

  My work schedule was changed permanently, same days, but out of every six days I work, I work the early shift, opening 5 out of 6 days.  Every Saturday I am off by 6 pm so we can leave on a Saturday night, spend the night elsewhere, here or out of town and come home Sunday night and be back for the girls on Monday morning.  A total 24 hours away and knowing Jerry is fine, will be heaven for us. He loves staying home and hates to travel.  So thankful to God for this change.  XOXOXO  

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