Sunday May 11,2014

Jill was following Ed out the door down the steps and knocked his feet out from under him and he fell hitting his back on the steps.  He hurts but was able to get his hips in after that. A dog adjustment and  a Romans 8:28. But he is sore and can’t sit comfortably in the pews at church so we did not do church yesterday.

 We met Cody and Erica at Costco. I got copies of Cody’s graduation pictures and we bought lots of good food for the grad. party. We went to Tand C and got the rest of the food and then they took it all home and Ed dropped me off at the mall.

 I got a manicure. Karen got the girls from Cole and  they needed her more so she skipped on the pedicure but I went in and got my manicure,  Then we met at the theater for “Mom’s Night Out”  Perfect perfect Movie. We are both buying it. It was so funny and it made me cry deep inside tho I don’t know why. I shut it all down, but wished I could have just cried.  It was such a great funny happy serious movie on so many levels.  Thankful for Pure Flix Movies. 

  Went to Cody and Ericas for the grad party.  So nice and enjoyable.  Paulette was there and we visited for several hours.  Good friends and times and food.  So thankful to God for the blessing of children, family and good friends.  XOXOXO


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