Sunday May 4th we rode to Butte with Cody and Erica. Went to church at Zach and Aundi’s church and then went on a great hike. On the drive up and back Cody played this cd. I really like the music. Upbeat tempo, rock, really great voices and total God honoring lyrics of truth of Gods grace, Jesus Christ blood that paid for our redemption and His mercy toward us. C and E got me the cd for Mother’s Day.
I worked out to it today. Great music for many reasons and really great beat for working out to. Thankful to have new music with the message of truth. I did a longer workout than usual and my arms are really feeling it. I love to get lost in the music so I forget about the mundane act of working out yet again. But my old broken bod needs it. Since changing my diet last September, my pain is gone. It keeps getting better. I can wear heels and I can pick up my granddaughters even now in the last two weeks. Amazing the healing in food and the harm from eating the wrong food for my blood type. Only God knows the depth of my thankfulness. XOXOXO

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